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Student Activities Center
Office Hours:
8:30a - 5:00p
Monday - Friday
3601 Pacific Ave
McCaffrey Center 2nd Floor
Stockton, CA 95211


University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, California 95211

Organization Registration

Student organizations are a great way to get involved at Pacific. Each student organization is required to register with the Student Activities Center (SAC) every semester to maintain recognition and to fully enjoy the benefits of being a Registered Student Organization (RSO)

Re-Registering an Organization
Existing RSO officers (Presidents and Treasurers) will receive an email during their designated transition period (Fall or Spring semester). The email will come from Presence, which operates TigerLink, and will contain a link to update contact information and membership for the required RSO Officers.

RSO registration/re-registration consists of the following:

  1. Up-to-date contact information for the President, Treasurer, & Advisor on TigerLink
  2. Submit a current year's Signature Page to the Student Activities Center (President, Treasurer, & Advisor must sign the page in ink and initial acknowledge responsibilities. NO PHOTOCOPIES OR ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES WILL BE ACCEPTED).
  3. Maintain a minimum of 5 members within the RSO and on the TigerLink Roster.
  4. Complete the RSO Officer Trainings for Presidents, Treasurers, and Advisors.

Registering a New Organization
Have an idea for a new organization? The Student Activities Center staff is here to help you get started! Please keep in mind that in order to start a new organization, you must have:

If you are looking to start a new organization, please check TigerLink to make sure the organization does not already exist! Then please contact the Student Activities Center so that we can assist you in the process.